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Welcome to the Attitude Guild Site

Our Aims: To have fun and build up our guild to be one of the friendliest and best on the Illyfue Server.
This can only be done with every member's help and cooperation. So as with any game there are some basic rules applied to belonging to the guild:

1. Please respect other people whether they are in Attitude or not.
2. Please keep guild chat CLEAN! but fun.
3. Please do not beg for either gold or items as this is unacceptable.
4. Please support the guild by ensuring you contribute. An easy amount to achieve is 50 points per week. That should be your minimum target.
5. IMPORTANT -- If you wish to leave the guild please ask an officer to remove you as simply quitting harms the guild ratings.

Contribution does not mean that you have to give any gold or items to the guild, it simply means that we need you to complete guild affairs quests from the NPC called Jessica in Freedom Harbour and construction orders obtained from the Guild Base Manager (near the big pink crystal).

Generally the quest from Jessica are simply to give you extra experience points for completing quests you are probably already doing. For example "Life in the Harbour" or "God's Trial".
But by collecting these guild quests you are also contributing to the guild.

The construction orders, on the other hand, are quests in themselves.
For each order you receive from the Guild Base Manager you will be able to obtain four quests from one of the many NPCs scattered through the base. These quests give very good experience points and also pay you some soul coins. But more importantly they put some money into the Guild Funds to pay for the running of the base.

For people over level 40 there is also the Guild Trade Run which is similar to the normal trade runs that run from Freedom Harbour. The main difference is that a large sum is paid into guild funds by doing these. Bear in mind you can only do one type of trade run, ordinary or guild. Obviously we would prefer you to do a guild run.

If you ever have any questions, or are unsure about how to do something, please ask. Someone is sure to be able to help.


Guild News

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Esmeralda, Mar 17, 12 7:19 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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